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Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Harden (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) return to the big screen with the fifth and final film in the saga “After this”Which means something very emotional for those who made it possible for this project that came out in 2019 to become a global success.

“After All” is now available globally, and tens of thousands of people have already come to watch it from beginning to end and find out what the outcome will be for a couple who has fallen in love over time and suffered at the same time. .

However, for the US, it was only released in theaters on September 13th and 14th, which is strange, considering the number of existing fans of the franchise. That’s why many people who couldn’t see the movie are wondering what other option they have left.

Obviously, the way out of this is for the feature film to arrive on one of the streaming platforms, something that benefits not only them, but also the followers of the saga who prefer to wait for the film to be broadcast on one of the well-known servers. .

The two heroes, Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford, are the heroes of the “After” films (Photo: Al-Fahd Pictures)

‘After Everything’: When will it arrive live?

Since the first After debuted in 2019, each film in the saga has been uploaded to a different streaming server, but that has, in the end, benefited those with an account on their preferred platform.

It is expected that, like previous releases, the fifth film in the series, “After Everything”, will also arrive on some streaming apps, so many are already wondering when and which ones.

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Now we will leave you the information about it, but from now on we will tell you that the platform that will broadcast the content of the last part of this movie will differ depending on the location you are in.

In the United States

After its theatrical release, “After All” will be available for purchase or rental for an extended period of time. However, it has not been confirmed when it can finally be watched through the streaming platform.

Over time, all the films in the series have been uploaded to Netflix and it is expected that this will be no exception, although there is no confirmation in this regard.

Taking into account the previous films, We can say that the result of this love story will be uploaded to Netflix in December, just in preparation for Christmas. Of course, we repeat that it is just an estimate and not an official order.

in Europe

For European countries, such as France or the United Kingdom, the wait will not be long, it seems, as this has been confirmed This fifth film in the saga will be available for streaming starting Tuesday, October 3.

In Latin America

Fans of “After” who are in Latin American territory and plan to watch the fifth film via the streaming platform, we can tell you that it will be uploaded on Amazon Prime Video, considering that the previous versions are there.

If we rely on previous records, “After All” will be available on the platform in December or in the first months of 2024although in this case it is also just a calculation and not a certain thing.

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“After All” trailer.

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