The UK government has Helmut Marko as an employee of Red Bull Racing

Ricardo CarreñoSeptember 15, 2023, 9:00 PM ETReading: 3 minutes.

Information from the British government refutes what Christian Horner said about Marco’s position in the organization

president Red Bull, Christian Horner, He emphasized that the team could not speak out or act against Helmut Marko Because of his offensive statements Czech Perez Because the Austrian Chancellor is not an employee of the team. However, the British government has registered the manager as a team employee Formula 1.

In the last days Helmut Marko He attacked and pointed out that Chico’s performance was due to his being a “South American.” These words sparked a wave of criticism around the world, but Horner confirmed that Marco has no working relationship with the team.

“Helmut has apologized. He is not an employee of… Red Bull RacingSo I don’t know why we should issue a statement. It is part of a wider brand portfolio Red Bull They demanded an apology on the channel Service TV. We talked about it and I know he regrets what he said. “We have spoken with the FIA ​​and FOM over the past weeks and the sanctions are their matter, not the team’s,” he said. Christian Horner to Sky Sports.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko are the chief managers of Red Bull.GT

However, the British government has registered Helmut Marko With a current and active contract since December 14, 2004. All this as an employee of “Red Bull Racing Limited”.

The company, which has a team with company number 03120645 in its system, lists Marko as ‘Director’, while Horner also holds the position of ‘Director’.

Place He was responsible for providing the said information and espn I was able to confirm the accuracy of what was published, including the organizational structure of the team Formula 1.

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With this information, arguments Christian Horner They contradicted each other in front of the press, although he noted that “those comments were not good and Helmut quickly realized this and apologized for it publicly and directly towards Sergio. He talked to him about that and you can always learn things in life, even when you’re 80 years old. “There are some lessons that are inevitable.”

Red Bull has fired its driver Jori Phipps over racist comments

A year ago, the Austrian team decided once and for all to dismiss the Estonian driver Juri Vipswho served as his representative in Formula 2 And as a reserve in Formula 1, for making homophobic and racist comments in a live video broadcast.

Red Bull He announced this in a statement in which he explained in a brief text that he was separating from the Estonian pilot.

“As part of the follow-up investigation into the incident that occurred online Juri Vips, Oracle Red Bull Racing Jori’s contract as a test and reserve pilot has expired. “The team does not condone any form of racism.”

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