Rishi Sunak’s party achieves the worst result in the UK elections

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

  • The Labor Party achieves a “historic” victory in the municipal elections in the United Kingdom

  • Rishi Sunak considers the first electoral results “disappointing”, although he avoids considering himself defeated

  • “It is obviously disappointing to lose good, hard-working Conservative mayors,” Sunak said.

In the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party suffered a massive defeat in local elections. As mentioned Inhoa Paredes These are the worst results in the past forty years, and they are a bad omen for the general elections that will be held in a few months.

he British Labor Party He achieved a “historic” victory in several electoral districts in the country during the municipal elections before the Council Conservative Party For Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has suffered numerous defeats in this type of election in the past ten months.

Achievements achieved by the Labor Party

Among Labour’s great victories stands out Blackpool South, where the politician stands out Chris Webb He won more than 10,800 votes against the “conservatives” who received 3,200 votes, according to what was reported by the British television network BBC. Labor also managed to take control of Redditch City Council, which joins others previously won such as Redditch City Council Hartlepool, Thurrock and Rushmore. The governors were able to maintain the town councils Harlow and Freeham.

“Shift towards Blackpool South Labor Party British opposition leader and Labor member Keir Starmer said: “It is truly historic and shows that we are firmly back serving the working class.” In this sense, he stressed that this is the most important result today and because of that voters sent a message of change “directly to the country’s conservatives.” Rishi Sunak“.

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This defeat in Blackpool South comes as part of a series of bad results for the Conservative Party, which has lost six seats in the last ten months, so Adds more pressure on Sunak.

Sunak considers the first electoral results “disappointing”, although he avoids considering himself defeated

For his part, he said: Prime Minister of the United KingdomRishi Sunak admitted that the first results emerging after the local elections were “disappointing”, although he declared victory for the “Tories” in some localities to avoid considering himself defeated and ignoring the electoral lead that Labor is already claiming.

“It’s obviously disappointing Check out the conservative mayors “They are good and hardworking,” Sunak said during a visit to a military base in North Yorkshire, as he stressed that there were “many outcomes” still unknown.

In fact, then go to Tees Valley To celebrate the re-election of Governor Ben Houshan as mayor, Sky News reported. Sunak accused Labor of using “a lot of mud” to try to seize this arena, and stated that the current local leader had done more for the area than the current opposition had done “in 30 years”.

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