A presidential request complicates the governmental process in Lebanon – Prensa Latina

Both of them are responsible for identifying and presenting the government lineup that this country has lacked since August 10, 2020, after the resignation of the group led by the current Acting Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

The request of the head of state, sent to the chamber’s president, Nabih Berri, will be included on the chamber’s agenda during a special session scheduled for next Friday.

The president’s opponents fear the lawsuit will affect the recall of the prime minister-designate, who won the post with a parliamentary majority on October 22.

The presidential message warns of the repercussions that this will have on the stability and security of the country due to the delay in forming the government.

Aoun considered Hariri unable to negotiate bailout plans for the country with international organizations, whose foreign debt amounts to $ 95 billion and constitutes the equivalent of 170 percent of the gross domestic product.

This unsustainable economic situation stems from decades of corruption, mismanagement, and the plunder of public funds from the treasury, the methods by which the political elite has strengthened its power, according to the popular perception.

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