The President of Cuba ends his stay in South Africa

During his stay in South Africa, Diaz-Canel, in his capacity as Chairman of the Group of 77 and China, participated in the 15th BRICS Summit, in the BRICS Plus Dialogue section, which brought together with BRICS Africa countries from the south of the world, from the African continent and international organizations.

On this occasion, the President pointed out how a real transformation of the current international financial architecture, which he described as deeply unfair, anachronistic and dysfunctional, is a historical demand of both the G-77 and BRICS.

Similarly, Díaz-Canel highlighted how the Group of 77 and BRICS have the responsibility and potential to act to change the current unfair world order.

That is not an option; Diaz-Canel stressed that this is the only alternative.

He added, “We firmly believe in the power of unity in diversity, and that the time has come to act unifiedly in defense of historical claims that, because they were not addressed in a timely manner, have multiplied the problems our nations face today.”

In order to move towards a more just and sustainable future, the time for collective action is not tomorrow. He is stressed now.

Earlier, the Cuban president attended a huge solidarity act in the capital’s Liberty Park, where the memory of the 2,287 Cubans who died in African lands for freedom, as well as the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, is honored. who paid tribute by putting an offering of flowers.

There, in front of about a thousand attendees, representatives of the African National Congress, the Cosatu Trade Union Alliance, the Communist Party of South Africa, and the Cuban Friendship Society (FOX), among other groups, expressed their unwavering support for the Cuban Revolution.

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For his part, Sule Mabila, General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, and Vicky Mabalula, General Secretary of the African National Congress, together with the leaders of Kosatu and Fox, unanimously expressed their strong refusal to include this list. The United States to Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

They also expressed their support for lifting the US blockade on Cuba and the return of the illegal US naval base at Guantanamo.

Concluding the event, Diaz-Canel called, “on behalf of those who fell for the freedom and sovereignty of Africa, South Africa and Cuba, for peace and harmony between nations and human beings”, to fight “because friendship becomes indestructible and that future generations of South Africans and Cubans are proud with the relationships we bequeathed to them.”

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