A huge symbolic hug for the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at UBA

In the midst of demands for cuts and the public education budget crisis, about 2,000 people demonstrated A symbolic hug for the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (FCEyN) from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), in Ciudad University.

The call was initiated by UBA. The entire community was invited to join this symbolic gesture “in defense of science and the public university.” At one o'clock in the afternoon, a crowd of people demonstrated in front of the door of the Zero + Infinito building, the wing that will be opened in 2021.

According to the sector's complaints, the inflationary and adjustment context implies cuts in the educational and scientific system that fall directly on the lack of economic resources and “endanger the global economy.” Continuity of class delivery In the short term,” they expressed.

The protests coincide with the fourth week of the beginning of the school year, in the first quarter of 2024. The visibility actions, which have already begun with activities in Saavedra Park and Centenario Park, will continue with street movements and public classes. It will end with a 48-hour strike on Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 11.

He was among those present Guillermo DuranDean of Exactus College, who expressed shared concern about the defunding of the university and the scientific system, as well as the loss of salaries. Duran urged the community and the national government to understand the importance of providing the necessary funding for the proper functioning of these institutions.

Students, teachers and non-teachers embraced UBA's Exactas College building.

University authorities have been warning of the critical budget situation since the beginning of the current government administration. The extension of the 2023 budget, amid rising inflation, did not leave academic institutions with sufficient funds to cover their expenses and obligations.

In this context, the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) unanimously agreed to support and call for a march in defense of the national university system on April 23.

Although the place and time of the focus have not yet been decided, the authorities indicated that the idea is that the mobilization will be carried out jointly by teachers, non-teachers, deans and students.

Caserolazo of Philosophy and Letters in Rivadavia and Puan, in defense of the UBA

After the amendment promoted by the Miley government, the defense of public education was extended to include several colleges. Other universities, such as Philosophy and Arts, joined the protests with activities such as plenary classes, waving flags, and banging pots.

Hugs to the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences at UBA.Hugs to the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences at UBA.

Christopher Loyola, Head of the Student Center in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, stressed the importance of unity and announced a series of activities with the general classes, Flags, Open Radio and Cacerolazos To educate the community about the dangers facing the university system.

In this context, This Wednesday at eight o'clock in the evening, the second “Cacerolazo Educational” will be held, On the corner of Rivadavia and Boin Streets, five blocks from the Philosophy and Letters headquarters.

“Our course is in danger. The Miley government has carried out a brutal attack against universities. Its emptying policy, which some administrations are unfortunately trying to adapt through the Department of Adjustment, means closure of courses, problems for the maintenance and functioning of the university,” added Violeta Alonso, from The student group ¡Ya Basta! and Secretary of the fight for the budget of the Philosophy and Arts Student Center.

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