The Royal Family: Kate is the most popular with Britons, ahead of William

Princess of Wales, Kate, has become citizens' “favorite” member of the United Kingdom's royal family after being diagnosed with cancer, according to the results of a popular poll released on Tuesday.

Kate ranks even higher than her husband, WilliamThis was after he gained the support of 76 percent of Britons who had a “positive view” of the future Queen of the United Kingdom.

Its popularity has increased by six percentage points since the beginning of the yearThis is the period in which the Princess announced to the nation through a recorded message broadcast on television that she was being treated for cancer, but did not specify its details.

For this part, The Prince of Wales received 73 percent support in the poll The royal family, compiled by YouGov, remained in first place, down one percentage point compared to last January, although they are still the second most popular royal.

According to this, about 21% of participants have a negative view of the prince, compared to only 15% in the case of Kate.

Sister of King Charles III Princess AnneIt is considered the third place preferred by citizens, as it received 71 percent of the “positive evaluation” and only 13 percent negative, followed by The monarch, who received 63 percent in the poll A positive review versus a negative 30 percent, who, like his daughter-in-law, is also being treated for cancer.

54 percent of survey participants view the Duke of Edinburgh positively, while Queen Camilla, who advanced by two percentage points compared to last January, received 50 percent in a positive evaluation.

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The survey reveals this as well Less than a third of those surveyed currently have a positive opinion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.And Harry – 31 percent – and his wife Meghan – 26 percent – who do not serve as active members of the monarchy and reside in the United States with their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

On the other hand, the member of the British Royal Family who is least appreciated by public opinion is… Prince Andrewbrother of Carlos III, of whom only 6 percent had a positive view, compared to 86 percent negative.

YouGov interviewed 2,004 adults in this country between April 2 and 3.

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