If you have any of these apps installed on your computer, you won't be able to install Windows 11

You won't be able to upgrade your PC to Windows 11 in September if you have any of these drivers and software installed

Delete these apps and drivers before the next big Windows 11 update or you won't be able to update your PC

Microsoft wants to prevent a faulty system update from putting your device at risk. The way you do this is through “protection feedback” or “protection feedback” in English, this protocol prevents the update from being performed if the device meets a series of characteristics ranging from unsupported installed applications or incorrect drivers on the system.

Although it is a very useful feature, it can also be a nuisance for those users who are not aware of the existence of this function and wonder why their computers are not updated to a new version. In the midst of the chaos that comes with being part of this group, you are lucky to have been able to meet A List of applications that will prevent your Windows 11 computer from updating.

Uninstall these apps so you can update your Windows 11 PC

The next Windows 11 update is known as 24H2 and the new features it will introduce are massive. Microsoft understands this and wants to prevent users from having problems when updating their computers. Of course, it was thanks Deskmoder.de It has become possible to know List of apps that are not compatible with this Windows 11 update.

These apps and drivers can trigger Safeguard Hold on your Windows 11 PC when the 24-hour update is running:

  • ConisioAdmin.exe (Solidworks PDM)
  • EaseUS Disk Copy.exe (EaseUS disk copy application)
  • ep_dwm.exe (ExplorerPatcher) is included since 22H2
  • iCloudServices.exe has been included since 23H2
  • RadeonSoftware.exe (AMD GPU) has been included since 23H2
  • StartAllBackCfg.exe (StartAllBack) is included since 22H2
  • Multi Moon + Copilot (Microsoft)
  • Merge SDB (Microsoft)
  • Intel IntcOED.sys (Intel)
  • Intel IntcAudioBus.sys (Intel) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\IntcAudioBus.sys)
  • Realtek 8192su USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter (Realtek) (%WinDir%\System32\drivers\RTL8192su.sys)
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It is likely so If you installed Windows 11 on an old computer, the situation is more complicated. In these cases, it may be better to perform a clean installation or service the computer immediately before receiving the new version of Windows.

We still have several months to go to see the 24H2 update for Windows 11, It is expected to arrive in September globally. Currently, only hardware manufacturers have access to this version because they have to make their new devices as compatible as possible.

Logically, if you have some of the mentioned applications or drivers installed on your computer, what you should do is uninstall them if you no longer use them. Additionally, you can be alert while installing the 24H2 update for what might happen.

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