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With this trick, your contacts’ statuses will be visible on their chat screen, so you won’t have to leave them to see what they posted. More details in the following note.

You are definitely one of the users who know about new stories posted by their contacts. WhatsAppTherefore, the aforementioned instant messaging platform added an important shortcut to display statuses from the main screen, exactly where a green ring will appear around the profile picture.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to know when someone has posted a “status” in real time without having to enter the section with the same name, but It is currently not possible to know if your contacts have uploaded a new story in case you find yourself chatting with them.

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On this occasion, from Debor we will tell you how to display the statuses of your contacts within conversations, as well You won’t have to go out to check if your profile picture has the green or blue ring. Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that this feature is currently only available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android users.

This is how you can see statuses within a chat on WhatsApp

  • First download WhatsApp beta version.
  • To get the trial program click next Then click the “Become a Beta Tester” button.
  • Accept the terms and you will have to wait a little while until you start downloading WhatsApp Beta.
  • Open the app (it’s the same).
  • Access the chat of the contact who posted a new status.
  • As you can see, now The ring will appear in your profile photo in the bar at the top of your personal conversations.
  • Just click on it and you will see the latest stories that someone has uploaded.
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Preview to see statuses across conversations. (Photo: Wapita Info)

How to download WhatsApp statuses without programs

  • Access your internal files or folders on your smartphone.
  • That’s why we recommend using the app called “Files” from Google, which you can download .
  • After that, go to Storage, then you should click on Android.
  • Go to media, com.WhatsApp. Then to WhatsApp, and again to Media.
  • There you should click condition.
  • Open the folder and you will see all your friends’ statuses that you have viewed in the last 24 hours.
  • Copy the one you want and paste it into any folder as in the case of downloading.
  • Remember that in order to see the status folder, you must activate the hidden files in Files.
  • Just click on the three lines at the top, then in the settings activate “Show hidden files” and that’s it.

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