WhatsApp Trick: Create a secret folder to organize your most important conversations

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WhatsApp is still the most used messaging app by people all over the world, without detracting from Telegram, which has more and more users. Changes introduced by Meta allow you better organization and a secret folder to save your most important chats. Take note Technology tips Which you should always have on hand.

Mobile applications have become an essential element, they are part of daily life, and for many, they are indispensable, especially for the new generations, millennials and centenarians. Digital natives are people who were born at the height of technology and cannot live without it; Their daily life is characterized by the Internet.

Follow tech tips from experts to make your WhatsApp more organized. Source: (Instagram).

advice Technique for saving private conversations

WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the most widely used mobile applications by users, however, the security issue is still a concern even though each of them has its own parameters to protect users' privacy. the Technology tips Organizing conversations into a secret folder will take a few minutes.

It is important to note that you will not have to download additional software for your new organization look. You will only use the Chat Blocker tool that is already available Instant messaging application Thanks to the latest updates from Meta.

Tech tips will help you protect your privacy. Source: (X)

Before applying Technology tipsYou will need to make sure that there are no pending updates in the app. If it has, update it immediately. Now, open the app and tap for a few seconds on any of your conversations; You will have to do this until you see that it is shaded. Repeat the process for other important conversations that you want to keep private.

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With these tech tips, your conversations will be more secure and organized. Source: (Instagram)

After that the options will appear at the top Click on the three dots icon and then choose the “Block Chat” section. Now enter your security pattern or fingerprint. Finally, you will notice that in the main interface a folder named “Locked Chats” will be activated, tap and put your fingerprint or pattern again. This way, you will have access to your private and important conversations.

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