Karen Manzano, former host of TUDN, seeks help online to get her children back; Blame her husband

The former driver lives in Baja California Sur. (Instagram @Nconmapa)

Karen Manzano, former TUDN sports anchor, He put out a call for help on social media to restore his condition Children under the age of six, taken by their father to the United Stateswithout your consent.

According to what the caller said via a video clip he posted on Social networks of Colectivo FortalezaIt is an association active against abused women, and the reporter explained that her husband took her children against her will. The basis of the lies on October 16 to the United States.

“I am Karen Manzano. Since October 16, my children have been taken from this house where we live, after I separated from my husband who is still… Here in Baja California Sur. I am a desperate mother because since October 16 I cannot see my children, Because the father stole them by lying and exploiting my trust, he took them to the United States and until now the authorities have not responded to me.”

He usually brags about his children a lot on social media. Because life as a mother is everything to her. (Instagram @carenmanzano)

Likewise, he explained that he could not announce the Amber Alert because Judge Alejandro Flor denied him the possibility of prosecution against him. Spouse, because the minors are residents of the United States.

In addition, Karen Manzano pointed to her children They do not live in the United States, but in the state of Baja California Sur She denounced that Mexico supports an American citizen and not a Mexican woman.

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“I’ve been asking for an Amber Alert all this time and today I didn’t get it. Today I received the news that Judge Juan Alejandro Flores has denied me that right.” As a mother and as a woman, I have the right for my children to live here, and the trial cannot continue here in Mexico. Because the children live in the United States, which is a complete lie. They are only there to steal. He stands up for an American man more than a Mexican woman here in our city. “It is a violation of my rights as a mother,” she explained.

“Please, this is an appeal to the authorities and to all of you that we cannot live in a country like this, so sexist, that they are violating my rights as a mother. My son is two years old and my daughter is five years old, so I am urging the authorities again. I call on the authorities to adhere to the right we have. “I call Karen Manzano Fuentes as a mother, as a Mexican, and as a citizen of Southern California to do their job well and to prosecute Viven los NIños here 19 months ago because they are legal residents,” she added.

When her video became known denouncing her husband Name: Ali Saad, It was stated in the same recording posted on Instagram, pointing out that she lied about her deportation, as she tried to reach an agreement for the minors to live together; However, the driver wants 100% custody.

Her husband responded to her statements. (Instagram @Nconmapa)

“With all due respect Karen. He kidnapped children to Mexico when he lied about deporting them. He kept American citizens in Mexico. I have been trying to work with you to find a long-term solution between the parents. But you want to keep them 100 percent in Mexico. I will not give up my parental rights. I have kids who pick you up or call you every time you call. When three days go by and you don’t call them, have them call you. Which, unfortunately, It’s a right you didn’t give me when you completely excluded me from the children’s lives in July and August of this year. I hope you find peace and realize that a co-parenting solution, written and registered in the United States and Mexico, is the best path forward for our children. @embamexeua wrote.

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