The proximity process is wasted. New investments represent 8.5% of foreign direct investment

The decline in the participation of new capital in the country’s foreign direct investment at the end of September this year is indicative of the trend of the year Close to the beach.

According to information from the Ministry of Economy. The total new investments amounted to $2,806 million accumulated during the first three quarters of the year.

This amount It represented only 8.5% of total foreign direct investment in the period referred toEquivalent to $32.926 million; The remainder was distributed 15.8% to intercompany accounts and 75.6% to reinvest profits.

He said the proportion of new investments It was much lower than last year (50.0%), i.e. per $100 of foreign direct investmentHalf of it corresponds to new capital. While it also decreased in the past decade accumulated (37.0%).

Low growth in new investments indicates an opportunity Close to the beachBecause if the inflow of new investments continues at a rate similar to that observed in 2022, FDI will accumulate in the first nine months of the year an inflow of approximately $44.65 billion, which implies a possible closure of FDI for the whole year. To 50,000 million

Banquo rule warns.

American hegemony

By country, out of total new investments in the period from January to September of the current year, 52.4% ($1.47 billion) came from Mexico’s largest trading partner: United State.

Follow United Kingdom: $444 million (15.8% of total new investments)Canada has 301 million (10.7%), Germany has 149 million (5.3%), and Argentina has 108 million (3.9%).

On the other hand, it stands out Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Puerto Rico recorded no new investments in the first nine months of 2023.; For its part, Denmark showed a capital outflow of $0.8 million.

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