A graduate has sued a British university after he failed to write an essay for not criticizing Israel

The University of Leeds maintains that the original Daniel Griman brief should have been approved.

A Jewish graduate of the University of Leeds has sued the campus and her university after she failed in her essay. The reason is that the article he wrote about Hamas was not critical of Israel.

After rewriting the document, Danielle Griman passed away, but indicated that she was unable to start her master’s degree when she planned to.. He couldn’t because the appeal process took nearly a year.

As part of the review, the external evaluator suggested approval of his original essay, which was accepted by the university. As a result, his attorneys sued the university for negligence, discrimination, and abuse..

The article included Hamas’ use of people as “human shields” and highlighted examples of anti-Semitic teaching in UNRWA-funded schools.. This is the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

One of the reviewers was Claudia Radeven, who signed a petition by educators and researchers in support of former University of Bristol professor David Miller.. He is no longer working because he was fired for his negative statements about Israel at a sociology conference.

British Lawyers for Israel director Jonathan Turner commented on the case, noting that Jewish students were more likely to write pro-Israel articles. And that Muslims and Arabs have greater opportunities to “write one criticizing Israel.”.

“I studied sociology from GCSE. It was very much my passion, I wanted to become a sociologist.”Turner said. “I don’t think returning to sociology is an option…If I had known retroactively what I know now, I would not have studied sociology. It was a field created by Jews, and now the hostility toward Jews and Jewish students is crazy. It’s really crazy.”he added.

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