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The British royal family loves musical performances. It is better to explain the song in front of kings From a British star who was dating Prince Edward of Wessex. Ruthie Henshall, ex-girlfriend of the Queen’s youngest son Elizabeth II of the United Kingdomto an unforgettable meeting in 1992 when he hosted the singer the Royal family.

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To do that, Silence the songs sang by Queen Elizabeth II Her sister, Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom, revealed Henshall to the magazine Henshall, who dated Prince Edward for six years during the 1990s, was encouraged to sing a tune from the musical. Les Miserables.

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The Queen and Princess Margaret were singing a song and Princess Diana told me: “Stop singing that song”Henshall Publishing mentioned above. And Margarita said, ‘Oh, yeah, sing something off that show you’re on. “So I sang a dream”he added.

“I was so nervous that I had to change the notes three times because all of a sudden it was my order.”he added. “Prince Charles” Gave me a pair of strong martinisMaybe that’s why I was able to sing.”calculated.

Ruthie Henshall. (Photo: AFP)

Henshall said he has fond memories of his time with the royal family. “I guess you’ll never forget who you have by your side, but You’re watching a family hanging out Together like any other family. They were all very welcoming and charming with a laugh.”calculated.

Henshall, who also starred Billy ElliotPreparing to perform for a month in the musical passion by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapin at the Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester. Henshal Canadian actor Tim Hoare married in 2004. They had two daughters before separating in 2009. Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999. The couple have two sons.

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