The United States will close the holes in the border wall with Mexico in Yuma, Arizona

The Biden administration on Thursday authorized a series of works to close unfinished sections of the wall on the US-Mexico border in the Arizona region near a major dam.

A press release from the National Security Secretary, Alejandro Mallorcas, said there are four spaces in the unfinished wall near the Morelos Dam, in the Yuma Border Patrol sector.

“These projects address operational impacts as well as immediate threats to life and safety,” the statement said.

Majorcas explained that because of its proximity to the Colorado River embankment and its rapids, this area poses drowning and fall injury risks for immigrants attempting to cross into the United States as well as for first responders and agents responding to incidents in the United States. .

President Joe Biden promised during his campaign to end all construction projects on the wall, promoted by his predecessor Donald Trump, but his administration later agreed to erect some of the barriers, citing security concerns.

According to the National Security Memorandum, the works budget will come from the funds allocated to that department in the fiscal year 2021 budget. It said that the original wall project in that area was funded by military funds transferred to build it.

The statement added that before starting work, DSN will conduct “regular environmental planning” and consultations with interested parties, and will try to move forward as quickly as possible while respecting environmental priorities.

DHS stated that the construction will include the government’s priorities of establishing “modern and effective border procedures, and improving security along the southwestern border.”

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Ending the wall has been high on Trump’s agenda, and border security remains a major issue for candidates of both parties in this year’s midterm campaigns.

The Yuma Border Patrol sector quickly became the third busiest of the nine sectors along the border, with the majority of traffic passing through the Morelos Dam area.

Some activists and environmental advocates believe that closing the gaps will not be much of a deterrent to migrants.

The Yuma area “has become Arizona’s new Ellis Island, with people coming from places like Ethiopia, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, India, Colombia and Nicaragua,” Arizona environmental activist Miles Trabhagen told The Associated Press.

“There are people crossing halfway around the world on planes, trains and cars, so it’s a huge mistake to expect that closing four small hatches will cause them to turn around and book a return flight.”

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