British justice prevents Maduro from accessing gold reserves and agrees with Guaido

The opposition leader celebrates the decision even though the ruling does not indicate he can access the bullion

Madrid, 29 (European press)

The High Court of England and Wales on Friday rejected the right of the government of President Nicolas Maduro to access Venezuela’s gold reserves, which are held in the Bank of England, and agreed with the self-proclaimed “Chief Responsible” for the country, Juan Guaido, who has demanded access to bullion on Basically, he is the legitimate president of Venezuela.

The ruling marks a victory for Guaido, who has secured recognition by the United Kingdom as the country’s only legitimate and temporary president, and overturned rulings by Maduro’s Supreme Court, which had overturned Guaido’s appointments to the central bank’s board. Venezuela, which he appointed himself.

Thus Judge Sarah Cockrell pointed out that there was no “legal basis” in the UK to rescind these appointments, which is why, after a four-day trial, she ruled that Maduro did not have access to the nearly €1,000 million in gold reserves held in Bank of England.

However, British justice does not give Guaido access to gold bars, an issue that must be resolved in another court hearing, BBC television reported.

The case dates back to May 2020, when the Central Bank of Venezuela sued the Bank of England for refusing to grant access to gold reserves. Then the English establishment made it clear that it recognized Guaido as the highest head of the Latin American country, which he refused to respond to an establishment that was under Maduro’s control.

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Now, the Venezuelan government has indicated that it will continue its efforts to access the reserves, calling the ruling “unfortunate.” “It is based on a narrow legal case related to the recognition of foreign judges,” said Sarosh Ziwala, the legal representative of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

GUAIDÓ hails the decision

And the Venezuelan opponent did not delay in celebrating the decision and referred to it as “another international victory for democracy and freedom,” the National Communication Center, which acts as the press office of the Venezuelan government, noted in a statement. Guaido.

“This decision represents another step in the process of protecting and preserving Venezuela’s international gold reserves for the sake of the Venezuelan people and their future,” he declared. The text collects “the system has also violated the rules of normal justice in the United Kingdom since they were issued in proceedings in which President Guaido or his appointees were not notified or given the opportunity to present arguments.”

In this sense, he noted that British courts “form a protective wall of people’s liberties in a country governed by law like the United Kingdom”. “Unfortunately, this kind of fair and transparent judicial process does not exist in Venezuela, because the Maduro regime cares more about power and money than the people of Venezuela,” he said.

“The men, women and children of Venezuela are proud of the courage, decision and professionalism of the attorney general, the board of directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela and our legal team who have demonstrated in this victory for future generations,” he said, before acknowledging that Maduro is likely to “seek to appeal the decision.”

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