A defeat for the Duque government and an exam for Argentina

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The America’s Cup You will only play in Argentina. This is the second important change in the competition, which was originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, but like the rest of the major tournaments, it had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, unlike the European Cup, the US tournament had to choose the only venue due to the social pressures it is going through. Colombia. The country plunged into crisis due to anti-government demonstrations Evan DuqueIt’s left without a “prize” like hosting a soccer event.

The debate over whether the tournaments will be held in different places, given the mobility of fans and teams in times of a pandemic, has been noticeable in recent months. But especially in Europe, where it is located UEFA Organized European Championships with up to 11 different venues taking part in the organization. Russia was expected to win the entire tournament. Soon after, as vaccination plans arrived, United kingdom He ran to host the entire tournament. Neither the proposals nor the pressure were enough and UEFA kept the initial plan.

The exact opposite happened in the case of the Copa America, as there were no doubts about the two chosen stadiums. The change is mandatory and after the Colombian CEO has exhausted all his options to keep the headquarters. In addition, it does so at the last moment in opposition to the Colombian government itself.

Messi is out of the stadium in Argentina-Chile from the 2019 Copa America


The tournament, which was announced to be postponed on March 17, 2020, will run from June 13 to July 10. Unless another surprise, the matches will be entirely in Argentina. And in the absence of confirmation, the intention was always to have about 30% audience In the stadium stands. The evolution of the epidemic, last-minute changes with Colombia and the reorganization of the tournament will redefine the Copa America with many unknowns a few weeks after its inception.

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The hit for Colombia

Confirmation came that Colombia and Argentina would host the Copa America in 2019. Both countries had a challenge. Such was the scale that, in the Colombian case, Executive Director Evan Duque estimated the allocation of the headquarters as a complete victory for the country. It was a way to show the potential of a nation, and clearly the government. So much so, that at first one headquarters was announced for Colombia, although soon after that, CONMEBOL had to decide on it from the first minute. Joint headquarters.

There was a year ahead when the smallest details had to be taken care of. And things can’t go wrong for Colombia. To get an idea of ​​the significance of this Copa America, you just have to look at the change in shape that the organization has implemented. The Konmebol Decides to link the South American Cup to the European Cup Championship to download the players’ calendar. In addition, after selecting the two venues, the organization was changed and two groups were created – divided by geographic region – to facilitate the transfer of fans which will not be done now.

After the championship was postponed last year and the successive waves of injuries in the concerned countries, it was confirmed in recent months that the intention to celebrate the tournament in the face of existing rumors. CONMEBOL also affirmed its intention to have an audience. But social pressure revolutionized the organization of the Copa America.

Protests in Colombia

Protests in Colombia


Demonstrations against the government Evan Duque They had already seen each other in 2019. However, after a year of the pandemic and the start of tax reform, the streets were once again filled with quarrels and battles between protesters and security forces. At the end of this April Protests Despite the fall of this financial project and its withdrawal, opposition to the Duque government remains.

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Football, unsurprisingly, has been affected. The pro-Colombia voices against Cuba America increased and were conveyed in the form of a slogan for the same protests. And while the Libertadores matches were being played, he was like the Libertadores America de Cali and Atlético Mineiro They had to stop meeting people affected by the firing of tear gas into the streets.

An atmosphere that was literally unbreathable that put the America’s Cup in danger. Finally, despite the fact that Colombia asked CONMEBOL to postpone the tournament until the end of the year, the answer was blunt: There will be no changes. Only the Copa America will remain in Argentina – with the exception of UEFA elsewhere at the last minute -. And between th Covid-19 Social pressure on the historical organization will have to wait some time.

Evan Duque, President of Colombia

Evan Duque, President of Colombia



Argentina is playing it

All the organizing powers will go to Argentina, which will keep all matches after problems with Colombia. Perfect position for getting a good picture in the country which, however, is also a challenge. A little time ahead and the same health-wise complexity makes Konmebol’s “gift” a double-edged sword.

Alberto Fernandez, the country’s president, has already hinted that they are ready to take over the entire Copa America. Of course, with priority given to health status, he required some time for the study to observe the protocols that would be implemented. This is the case with the recent case of massive infection in River Plate, In the Argentine executive branch do not want more concerns about these characteristics. CONMEBOL’s decision is clear and Argentina will take over the entire Copa America.

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Before that, the organization has several weeks to develop more stringent protocols and controls. The intention was initially to get to 50% capacity Complete, but everything will be marked by the evolution of the epidemic. This is the weakest point in the country, which has already paralyzed professional football leagues for nine days due to Covid-19, whose data continues to deteriorate. The break will end on May 30, just in time for the Copa América to start without any apparent problem. However, divisions have already begun and the AFC vice president has asked Argentina to reject the Copa America.

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