The new global convoy will demand an end to the US blockade of Cuba

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WASHINGTON, May 21 – The Points de Amor project confirmed on Sunday, May 30, that there will be another global convoy to lift the sanctions imposed on the Cuban family and end the US blockade of the island.

The main promoter of the initiative in this country, Cuban-American Carlos Lazo, indicated through a video on Facebook that Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis will join these measures from many American cities.

He indicated that there will be convoys next Sunday in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and others.

The activist emphasized that in this way, we, those of goodwill, call for an end to the American blockade, which is not limited to the Cuban people.

He said that this would also be a new invitation by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, because he had not kept his electoral promises about Cuba.

We want to tell you: How long should we wait for your promises to restore the rapprochement policies that you took during the Barack Obama administration and to abolish the sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump on the largest island of the Antilles, as he expressed in a direct sentence.

Lazo joked that the White House says they are continuing to study such measures so far, and if they continue like this, they will earn a doctorate in sanctions.

He stressed that the Cuban family cannot wait any longer, and that is why we ask for all of those measures that affect it to end as soon as possible.

He added that next June 23 is the vote in the United Nations, and once again the whole world will ask Washington to lift the sanctions that have been burdening the Cuban people for many years.

Lazo noted that the online petition for the Puentes de Amor project already contains more than 23,000 signatures.

In this letter to Biden, he is asked to reopen the Washington embassy in Havana, restore the family reunification program, allow remittances to be sent to Cuba, return flights to the provinces, and enable North Americans to travel to the island freely.

Also, on request is available in And it calls for the restoration of cooperative relations between the two peoples, be they scientific, economic or cultural.

He said that these are the demands of people who want to create bridges of love and say no to hate.

Lazo noticed that we have the voice of loving people posting this message on social networks because it’s very difficult for North American media to echo the calls.

This Cuban-American professor has developed various projects in recent years in order to foster rapprochement between the two peoples.

Many of his American students traveled with him to Cuba and there they met the love of his people, as he recounts on social networks. So don’t count on hate, he wrote on his personal Facebook page, I know love is stronger than hate. (Text and image: PL)

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