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A day like today, in 1986, Madonna It reached number one in the UK with Papa don’t preach.

The song, which deals with issues such as teen pregnancy and abortion, was part of his successful third studio album true blue.

In addition, this topic caused the singer’s first conflict with Catholic Churchafter it was assigned to Pope Juan Pablo II.

In response, the Pontiff called on Italian fans to boycott his concerts on the peninsula in 1987.

in the 2000s, Papa don’t preach Covered by Kelly Osbournedaughter Ozzy Osbourne.

The song was well received commercially, reaching the top of the charts in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In her native country, it became Madonna’s fourth number-one song on the chart. Billboard Hot 100.

Critics and journalists praised the track, noting it as one of the album’s highlights.

The music video, directed by James Foleyshowing the artist’s second plastic surgery, who is distinguished by a toned and muscular body and platinum blonde hair.

It depicts a story where the singer plays a young woman who reveals her pregnancy to her father.

The images are accompanied by scenes where she is having a romantic evening with her boyfriend and others where she is dancing and singing in a small, dark studio.

Controversial song

Shortly after its release, the song sparked discussions about the content of the lyrics.

Many women’s organizations and Planned Parenthood organizations have criticized Madonna for encouraging teenage pregnancy, while anti-abortion groups have viewed it as a positive pro-life message.

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interpret the singer Papa don’t preach On five of his concert tours, the most recent being at Madam X Tour (2019-2020).

during the Who’s That Girl World Tour In 1987, he caused his first conflict with the Vatican, gifting it to Pope John Paul II, who urged Italian fans to boycott his concerts.

Numerous artists have performed versions of the song, including Weird Alyankovic And Kelly Osbournewho included it as a bonus track on their debut album Be quietfrom 2002.

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