Viciana highlights the demand for bilingual and science degrees in the cut-off marks and sees a correlation with employability

Madrid, July 14 (European Press) –

The Minister of Education, Science and Universities of the Community of Madrid, Emilio Viceana, highlighted the demand in Madrid universities for bilingual degrees and those in the sciences branch, according to the notices cut off to access the same ones known to this. Friday, and acknowledged that the numbers establish a relationship between student demand and their employability.

After concluding a training course for teachers at Madrid’s Higher Institute of Educational Innovation (Ismie), Vecciana stressed that the cut-off degrees known today as “revealing essentials” such as those of Bilingual and English have “gained significant weight” in terms of demand from students entering university, and that the highest cut scores “went towards the science branch”, which is “very noticeable” especially in Complutense (UCM) and Carlos III (UC3M).

Specifically, Complutense University remains the most in demand in the community for the 2023-2024 academic year, with 22,676 students choosing it as their first choice, while Carlos III once again covered all the places offered in the June call, with the highest cut-off marks in Madrid at 60% of its score.

Specifically, the dual degree in Mathematics and Physics from Complutense provided the highest cut-off mark in the entire region, according to the academic institution, specifically 13725.

UCM has 22 students admitted with a maximum of 14 degrees, of which 12 are medical students, three more are admitted into a double degree in Mathematics and Physics and three more are in Computer Engineering and Dual Mathematics. The rest of the students are distributed in different grades.

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In most of the area’s universities, the cut-off marks have decreased slightly. The top five selected university studies in one area of ​​Madrid are, in the first place, Medicine at the Universidad Complutense (3,483 applications), followed by UCM Nursing 1,258, in third place, Psychology at UCM (1,103), in fourth place medicine from the Autonomous University of Madrid (1047 applications) and in fifth place veterinary medicine from the University of Complutense (937).

The most in-demand bachelor’s degrees of any option (global demand) in one district of Madrid are again medicine degrees at UCM with 6,128; an independent university, with 5,698; University of Alcalá de Henares, 5349, and Rey Juan Carlos University, 5270; Followed by Nursing at UCM, with 4,844 applications.

In the specific case of Carlos III, as indicated by this university, the average access score in the 2023/24 academic year was 12,236 out of 14 points, with an average of 175 applications per 100 places offered at this university. In addition, 36% of accepted students come from outside Madrid.


On the issue of employability of the most sought-after titles according to cut-off marks, the chancellor affected “the planning carried out by universities” and that it is “oriented not only” to the demand of students, but “also to the demand that the sector itself can provide”.

“Yes, there is a correlation and practically what is being sought is a projection, not only from the point of view of employability, but also from the point of view of internationality,” confirmed Veciana, who looked for it in the interest of the students. For bilingual degrees and in English.

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Specifically with regard to the projection of the University of Madrid in the world, the President of Education, Sciences and Universities noted the good consideration, in his opinion, of the entities in the community in the international rankings, although he warned that we should consider otherwise before the next courses, the idea is to “promote this projection more.

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