The UK considers entire stadiums ‘safe’, although 3,500 people were injured in the Euro final

The stadium is back at full capacity Anfield Road As for the Premier League match, Liverpool-Burnley (2-0) this Saturday is one of the biggest news of the weekend in England. The steps From the Temple of the Reds during the 528 days: Exactly from that match that you remember against him Atletico Madrid In the Champions League on March 11 last year.

The British government has analyzed data from 37 cultural and sporting events in recent months (including WimbledonThe European Football Championship or the Formula 1 Grand Prix Silverstone) and concluded that the infections were “generally comparable or inferior” for infection rates present in the community during the experimental period.

Novak Djokovic celebrates with his team winning the Wimbledon final (July 11, 2021). (Reuters)

The data, released on Friday, makes a somewhat optimistic forecast: although the general conclusion is that Show can go on, in the context of the European Championship final on July 11 – a sad memory for the host country – 3,404 people were “probably” infected: there were 2,295 spectators Already infected When they went to Wembley Stadium. In total, there are 9,500 positive coronaviruses associated with Euro 2020 matches (which the report’s authors categorized as ‘significant public health risks’): 85% of all cases recorded in these 30 juveniles.

In the case of the Silverstone Grand Prix, who beat audience record In an event that takes place in a year and a half, with 350,000 spectators over three days, the numbers are even better. They are registered in total 585 cases: 343 of these people have arrived at the scene and the virus has already settled in their bodies, infecting 242 others. Wimbledonthat welcomed 300,000 people in two weeksAnd 881 positive cases were recorded: 299 already infected and 582 new cases.

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“I pray the fans are vaccinated”

“We have shown that we can reintroduce sporting and cultural events particle Certainly, but it is important that people continue to be careful when they are in crowded places,” said the Minister of Culture and Sports, Oliver Dowden, to the press. “So that we can keep the football season, theaters and concerts at full capacity this summer, I beg For fans of sports, music and culture who pollinateBecause it’s the safest way to go back to great events ever Machine“.

The situation in the UK – where the English Premier League is played Whole Bleach From day one – it’s more lenient than it was in Spain, where the stadium capacity fluctuates between 20% and 40% (The percentage allowed in Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands).

Tommolt around Wembley

The Euro 2020 final was held in a period of recovery from injuries LondonBut the rate of infection with the virus was much higher than in other events due to the number of fans without tickets that flocked to the vicinity of the stadium before a match that could return England to the top of the international tournament. after 55 years. The victory over Germany in the Round of 16 was full of euphoria in a country that was hit hard by “brixie” And the coronavirus. The government had declared Monday a holiday in case of victory and had prepared for a day of national reconciliation national pride After cases of racism that shocked the football environment in the country. Before the game there was general chaos At the entrances to Wembley (and spectators who entered the stadium despite not having a ticket).

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Thousands of fans gather around Wembley Stadium hours before the European Cup final. (Reuters)

“It was the euro Unique eventDr. said. Jennifer SmithDeputy Medical Director of the Public Health Agency: “However, the data shows easy The virus can spread when there are close contacts, this should be a warning to everyone as we try to get back to Caution normal once again”.

According to analysts, the risk of the European Championship exists even when the English team plays in another country: “It does not arise only from the individuals who attended the Games, but also includes travel and Associated social activitiesThe contrast with Wimbledon is interesting, as there were tracks with 100% seating on some days. The research teams present at these events reported Related differences in general behaviorThe report concludes: It has been observed, in the case of football, that spectators have become more lax in complying with regulations such as wearing face mask.

The disparity It is very clear that government advisers have suggested that football spectators should be allowed to wear their clothes drinks On the benches (as in tennis) to reduce crowding around the benches. pars.

according to him Reuters Observatory, among the last 100 cases reported in the world, around the world 21 They are registered in European countries (almost one million new infections every eight days). United kingdom This week tops the table of new daily infections, with more than 30,000, almost three times that of Spain.

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