A Margot Robbie lookalike causes mayhem ahead of the Barbie premiere in London

Madrid, July 14 (Editions) –

Amanda Hall, from Norwich (UK), was flooded with looks on the street because of her resemblance to actress Margot Robbie who stars in the upcoming Barbie movie alongside Ryan Gosling.

Hitting the streets of London just like Margot in the movie, Amanda joked that she wasn’t invited to the premiere but was going to get in on the action anyway.

What followed could be described as scenes of utter chaos as moviegoers tried to approach what they thought was one of the most popular actresses of the day, dressed in a pink Barbie outfit with white sunglasses and a handbag.

She admits it was “very scary” to see herself harassed by so many people and felt “pity” for the celebrity. A fake security guard, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, helped the crowd get past the stunt double as fans begged for selfies. One fan exclaimed, “It’s Margo! Oh, my God.”

Amanda was thrilled to play the role and put in front of fans, even stopping by to sign a poster for Barbie as Margot herself. She later added, “I felt bad that some people wanted pictures with kids and stuff, and I’m not the real Margot. But it was all a little bit of fun.”

At one point, so many fans gathered that Amanda followed a small crowd through Leicester Square, the gaze of all the cameras rolling until she took refuge in the cinema. At the time, she enjoyed a cool drink and took off a sign that revealed the truth: she is, in fact, the fake Margo.

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Amanda Margot met herself yesterday (July 12) in a photo op in front of the London Eye in London, UK. “It was a photo shoot. They were signing autographs, so I took a picture with her, with Ryan Gosling and director Greta Gerwig,” he said.

She also adds, “I’m going to go see the movie, but I don’t think I’m going to go like Barbie. I’m going to go myself. I really want to see it.”

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