31 beneficiaries from Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, are protected to receive medical care

Juchitán de Zaragoza. – At least 31 beneficiaries of the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) in Unión Hidalgo provided federal protection for them to receive medical care and opened the ISSSTE Family Medicine Unit in the Zapotec census.

This collective protection provided by the law firm Regalado & Galindo Abogados, one of the firms that appears on the list of the best in the world, seeks to open up all responsible authorities and operate the ISSSTE Number 5 Family Medicine Unit in Unión Hidalgo, located in Carretera La Venta – Unión Hidalgo.

This unit was approved several years ago, as officials acquired the land and built the aforementioned ISSSTE clinic, however, it has been closed for more than 50 months, thus without concern for rights holders and human rights violations of the right to health and a decent life, especially since the Covid epidemic -19 It has been 16 months.

All responsible parties claim budget allocation and completion of 100% construction of ISSSTE’s family medicine unit in the population, for budget allocation, purchase, supply and maintenance of all medical, administrative and operational equipment needed for the ISSSTE clinic is open to the public and functioning properly.

Likewise, to appoint and maintain all medical, nursing and administrative personnel, cleaning and monitoring required for the aforementioned ISSSTE clinic to open to the legitimate public and work properly, attend three shifts, including night shift, medical service known to be urgent, budget allocation, purchase, supply and maintenance of at least two ambulances New ones so that they work properly and provide emergency services and transport beneficiaries, as well as provide them with medicines.

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Edouard Martin Regalado, Legal Adviser to Beneficiaries, noted that out of the nearly 14,000 residents of Rancho Jopinia, about 9,000 people benefit from ISSSTE, given that more than 1,200 active teachers and more than 300 retirees, in addition to administrative and hygiene staff As well as people who work in various federal institutions such as the Ministry of Social Welfare or the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sagarpa).

The complainants stated that the opening of the clinic was very urgent because they did not have any kind of medical hospital. At Ranchu Gubiña, no IMSS or ISSSTE public organization operates, nor any private hospital. In fact, there are only basic private medical offices that only operate from 9 am to 7 pm, therefore, in the event of some kind of medical emergency once night falls, it is imperative to transport patients to other cities, with all the medical and dangerous consequences involved. .

In addition to the fact that it is almost impossible to obtain medicines or treatments, which means that people are at greater risk of developing serious complications or dying from diseases that can be treated or less harmful in their condition, if they receive appropriate treatment, than just one permanent clinic can provide Like the existing ones but deserted.

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