Facebook dark mode disappears without prior notice from Mexico’s iOS and Android apps

Wednesday afternoon users in Mexico They started reporting The Sudden disappearance of Dark Mode from Facebook app on iOS and Android, Recency It officially arrived last December.

Reports suggest that Facebook apps on both operating systems have reverted to their classic interface mode in So white, And try to return to dark mode using The steps are already known, It has completely disappeared from the options menu.

In Engadget Mexico, we have verified that dark mode has already disappeared from Facebook app in iOS and Android apps. However, strange things happened. Firstly, on Android, I checked on a smartphone that the dark mode option had completely disappeared from the app, while on another smartphone I was able to access the mode normally. However, when leaving Facebook and logging back in, the interface automatically changed to white interface and now, the dark mode option has completely disappeared.

In this section it was the dark mode, but after leaving Facebook and coming back, it completely disappeared

On the other hand, the same situation happened on iOS. We activated dark mode, left Facebook and when we got back it had disappeared from the interface and options. However, oddly enough, to repeat the process of closing the app and logging in again, the dark mode appeared again on Facebook for iOS without apparent reason.

TECRADAR I got a Facebook position Regarding the situation:

We are aware that some people face trouble accessing certain features on the Facebook Android app. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

This statement only mentions issues on Android, but doesn’t mention anything from iOS. What we know so far is that the disappearance of Facebook’s dark mode affects versions 319. of the Android app and 320. (293873823) of the iOS app.

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How to restore Facebook Dark Mode on iOS

Finally, it’s worth noting that since then TECRADAR They mention prof Possible solution to restore Facebook dark mode in iOS app:

  • Uninstall and reinstall Facebook
  • Try again and if the dark mode is still not available, close the app
  • Go to iPhone Settings> Applications section. There, select Facebook and in the options activate “Upload HD Video” and “Upload HD Photo”
  • After that, go back to the Facebook app and the dark mode will be available again.

According to the site, they tested this method with several iPhones and it all worked in it but the same method proved ineffective on Android. On Engadget we were unable to verify this because, as mentioned, the dark mode has returned without having to do anything.

We await more details on this topic.

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