300 people took part in the Science Fair and Regional Exhibition of Young Entrepreneurs – Chubut Ministry of Education

More than 40 schools of all levels and modalities have showcased their educational projects in Trevellin.

The Chubut government, through the Ministry of Education, has developed today the Trevelin Municipal Sports Center, the Young Entrepreneurs Exhibition, and the Chubut Science and Technology Fair. The event was attended by 300 people, the exhibition of more than 40 schools of all levels and modalities.

Around noon both events were opened, presided over by the Minister of Education, José María Grazzini; local mayor Hector Ingram; and the forest secretary, Rodrigo Rovita.

In addition, the teaching bag agents Jimena Alemanno, Silvia Reynoso, and Rocío Silva Preciado attended; municipal government representatives; and the educational community in general at Trevelin and Esquel.

“A Federal View Into the Region”

In his presentation, Minister Grazzini commented: “We are very proud to be able to carry out an important event like this, because we know the potential and work of the students and teachers of our province.”

“Boys and girls from more than 15 towns in the county have gathered today, and I thank Mayor Ingram for opening the doors of his town to all schools,” he stressed.

Finally, Minister Grazzini thanked “the teachers, for accompanying our children so that they can develop these functions. The great work that is being done in all the schools of Chubut, but mainly, having a federal look towards the interior of the province.”

Inter-institutional cooperation

During this law, progress has also been made on cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Education, the Forestry Secretariat and the Municipality of Trevellin.

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In collaboration with the Forestry Secretariat, the educational organization is advancing the establishment of a program for the protection, conservation and sustainable development of forests in Chubut Province. The agreement will be worked on collaboratively in order to enhance coordination and cooperation in environmental education, through the National Comprehensive Environmental Education Implementation Act No. 27621.

These institutions, in turn, transferred land – about 1000 m2 – for the construction of the forest fire brigade base.

Finally, the county education authority agreed with the municipality of Trevellin to carry out the work “construction of a gravel access sidewalk and interior coating throughout the construction of School No. 37.”

More than 40 schools

The “Pueblo del Molino” sports complex has collected dozens of innovative and creative proposals made by students in the classroom, as well as in collaboration with teaching teams.

100 students from primary, primary, secondary and higher teacher training institutes participated in it; In addition to 50 counseling teachers and 40 residents.

Among the more than 40 participating schools from across the province, 21 education projects from the Young Entrepreneurs Exhibition and 37 projects from the Science Fair can be appreciated.

Whether in the case of the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase or the Science and Technology Fair; There was a committee of evaluators from the educational field, who highlighted the most important projects, and many of them were selected for national representations.

The Trevelin Municipal Sports Center was filled with booths with functions of a different nature, some related to business plans and others more social – community, for example.

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In total, more than 40 schools from the cities of Trevellin, Corcovado, Trelew, Dolafon, Sarmiento, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Madryn, Rio Pico, Escuel, Teca, Jaiman, Jaster, Tilsen and Rio Mayo participated.

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