Secrets Revealed by Andrea Nosetti after being elected Miss Colombia in 2000: ‘I’ve never trained in my life’

As part of the new evening of the Miss Colombia election and coronation, it would always be nice to call up some of the country’s most beautiful title winners in previous years who continue to draw attention for their physical attractiveness, whether on the catwalk, in performance or in the media.

Specifically, one of those names that is directly related to the national beauty contest is the name Andrea Nosetti, who was named the most beautiful woman in the country in 2000 She is currently remembered for her participation in the telenovela “Nuevo rico, nuevo poor” as Fernanda Sanmiguel de Ferreira.

It was she herself, in an interview with the program “La Red”, admitted many statements that she knows very little and that somehow influenced her coronation as the highest representative of national beauty that year.

The first person who advised her was stylist Alfredo Barazza, while his last secret was that, to compete, he had to comply with a gym routine, a subject she was not familiar with. “I have never played sports in my life. Thank God at that time it was like a glorified body: I ​​ate and did not get fat.” He also revealed in the middle of the talk that relations with the press were complicated during the competition.

With Barraza as its stylist, Cartagena had more options to win, due to Barranquillero’s requirements as queen coach. However, Noceti also mentioned that days before his coronation, Saddam had a tough clash with his coach and even sent him a punch due to his alleged inclination towards another candidate who also advised him in parallel.

“I think Alfredo-Barazza- neglected me and that’s why we don’t have a good relationship today (…) because in the end he showed his preference to Miss Valle, Gisele Garces Algore-“and, incidentally, recalled an anecdote with one of the costumes which, she said, was not finished by the time she had to wear it.

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“The costume wasn’t finished making, and it had brooches and things like that (…) – there was – a change in that guy who was preparing me who I trusted, I saw he stopped putting the token on, do you understand me? Then I saw some carelessness inside my clothes”He voiced that entertainment magazine and continued to prominently mention that he admitted he didn’t have the best relationships after that edition of the sentence.

Despite the problems with the designer, the former Miss Colombia stated that during the competition she had some quarrels or strong crossword puzzles with him, which “He tried to change when he realized I was going first, he put me on the podium and said what I should wear and what I shouldn’t wear“.

Finally, the woman made it clear that no cosmetic procedure was performed while participating in the competition, as current presenter Maria Rossio Stevenson Covo, better known as “Ruchi Stevenson” who represented Bolivar’s Circle, also took part.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the former representative of the city of Cartagena, has appeared in Colombian films such as “Ni te marry or te impques” -2008- and “The Red Elephant” -2009-. He was also part of the celebrities who participated in the reality show “La Granja” and precisely because of his stay in Miami, he stopped appearing on the Colombian small screen.

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