The mayor of London is warning about TikTok videos about burglaries being planned in the city

he Mayor of London Sadiq Khan He asked people not to go into the business district in Oxford roadin the center of the British capital, to participate in possible robberies that are being promoted through a video posted on Tik Tok.

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The Mayor of the Labor Party called this call for theft nonsense, and of unknown authorship, but forced the authorities to do so. Strengthen the police presence in that area of ​​the city. the London Metropolitan Police (MET, in English), better known as Scotland Yard, said today that it will be deploying more agents and that a dispersal order has been imposed – effective until 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT) on Thursday forces order to be able to call out people not to stay in place.

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Anyone who does not comply with a police order can be arrested, according to the Met. In remarks to local media, the mayor admitted last night that he was “concerned by this nonsense we’ve been seeing on TikTok Encouraging people to go to Oxford Street.”

“I would encourage anyone who has seen it (of the video) not to go to Oxford Street. Don’t be drawn into an area where it could be a big crime,” he added.

For its part, the Met said in a tweet that it was “aware of ‘internet speculation’ about the chances of crime in Oxford Street. There will be a large number of our agents in the area over the next 24 hours. Anyone who commits a crime can expect to be dealt with firmly.”

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