Science in the feminine that attracts professions

A tour of 14 pavilions with activities and experiments explained by female scientists in the Polytechnic Building of the Lagoas Campus showed more than 300 high school and baccalaureate female students from different centers in Ourense and southern Lugo that female references in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering or technology are not only found in books; Rather, in the city itself or a few kilometers from your home.

Led by a female research team from Faculty of Sciences, Higher School of Computer Science Education, Escola de Enxeñaría Aeronáutica e do Espazo and University School of Nursing on the Ourense CampusThese tables, which make up the “eXXperimenta en Feminino” exhibition that these centers have been promoting for seven years, have provided school children with a broad vision of the role of women in these fields where the enrollment is predominantly male.

A group of schoolchildren attending an activity.

In fact, the aim of this activity is to attract scientific calls for these professions, especially among girls and adolescents. A common challenge, as today's coordinators, Alma Gomez, Julia Carballo and Nieves LorenzoHe highlighted the “significant participation” of the research team in this event.

Some scientists who organized the event with other colleagues joined the activity.

Thus, with the help of researchers from the Ourense campus, visiting students were able to see microorganisms in water, discover the value of biomass, create rainbows and learn how clouds and hurricanes form. Schoolchildren also had the opportunity to wear spaceship simulator goggles and learn how to create mini-video games.

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First aid, the second life of waste or the beauty and power of enzymes completed an informative tour in which there was no shortage of an excursion into chemistry and forensic chemistry, an “escape room” in a biolab or a food label reading workshop.

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