3 mysterious series to watch on Netflix

The safe / the guards / victim number 8

If you grew up reading Sherlock Holmes stories or Agatha Christie books, and today you enjoy producing mystery, we have three series to recommend that will invite you to bring out the inner detective.


Located in the UK’s posh suburban community where upper-class families live, we find Tom Delaney (Michael C. Hall), A newly widowed pediatric surgeon, was given responsibility for raising his two teenage daughters.

After the death of his wife, Tom dedicates himself to trying to repair a neglected relationship with his family, but his eldest daughter Jenny (Amy James Kelly), Without forgiving her absence during the death of her mother, in addition to the suspicion that she had a secret relationship with her neighbor, Sophie.Amanda Abington).

One night, Jenny goes to a party and never comes home. Desperate, Tom sets out on a journey around the neighborhood to discover that his daughter’s friend is missing as well. Not only will this event affect the life of the Delaney family, it will also affect the life of the entire community which will witness how all the secrets they kept for years begin to emerge.


When Sister Cathy Cesnick, a loving and warm nun and high school teacher in Baltimore, went shopping on November 7, 1969, her roommate was expecting her to return home in a few hours. Two months later his body was found.

His death turned into a scandal after Cathy’s former student “Jane Doe”, She said she was sexually assaulted by the high school chaplain And she was taken to Sister Cathy’s body where she was told, “Look what happens when you say bad things about people.”

Now, nearly 40 years later, two of Cathy’s students have been custodians of her legacy, persistently investigating her murder and what they believe is a cover-up by the Catholic Church and local police over a horrific crime.

Victim number 8

This series of plots It begins with a jihadist attack in the old quarter of Bilbao And in the course of the episodes, the event is transferred to Madrid, where the plot is resolved. The series examines how the characters experience the consequences of the attack. These people are both victims and executioners, and the police are focusing on arresting those responsible for the barbarism. Kuru (Veronica ethics) Is responsible for investigating the accident, but everything becomes complicated when you discover the identity of the victims.

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