What it is and how to install an SSL certificate on the webpage

What is an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate enables data to be transferred between the browser and the web server seamlessly. Encrypted and secure. It is a very important standard and it is already present on the web pages today.

The main purpose of an SSL Certificate is Site protection From intruders who might be able to reach it. It encrypts user communications and ensures that the information cannot be intercepted by third parties. It is essentially a layer of security that allows two parties to communicate privately.

SSL certificate is Install on a web server It will perform the function of verifying the identity of the site and making sure that they are on the legitimate page. It is very important to avoid accessing a potentially wrong website, as it might actually be a phishing attack.

Each SSL certificate has a name, serial number, and expiration date. They also have a copy of the public key, as well as the digital signature of the authority issuing that certificate.

How to install an SSL certificate on the server

Install an SSL certificate on the server It is a very important process that the website administrators have to implement. An essential way to provide your visitors with a secure, encrypted website with the appropriate safeguards. In addition to that, it will also give a good image and appear better in the major internet search engines.

This may vary depending on the hosting we’ve set, but the process is the same. The first thing we need to do is You have an SSL certificate. We can buy it with the company where we have the server, for example. Also with another external provider. There are even free or built in certificates for contracted hosting.

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When the certificate is downloaded to our computer, we can access our hosting control panel. In our case we’ll do it with cPanel, Although the process is similar in various other processes.

Once in the cPanel, you have to go to the safety. There we’ll see an SSL / TLS section. There we will see various options, such as private keys, certificate-signing requests, certificates, and the SSL installation and management of the site. It is the latter that interests us.

Install an SSL Certificate

When we’re inside, all domains that we linked to that hosting will appear. If only one is present, that will be shown. On the other hand, if we had many, all of them would appear and we would have to choose the one that interests us.

By selecting the option Install an SSL Certificate And in order to distinguish the area that interests us, we will simply have to fill in all the information that they request from us. This includes the certificate (CRT) and the private key (KEY). When we have everything filled out, we simply have to click on Install Certificate, which is the button that appears below.

Install SSL on the web

From that moment on, our site will contain Certificate is installed correctly. Browsers will recognize it and we won’t face security issues related to this issue anymore. This is important, since many browsers have been telling visitors for some time that a website is not safe if they enter a site where there is no proven certificate.

In short, by following these steps we mentioned, we can install SSL Certificate on our website. It is a very important process that we must keep in mind. It’s simple and fast, as we have seen. You simply have to have a properly purchased certificate then install it on your hosting.

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