20 years at Guantánamo: 39 prisoners still there, no closure looms despite Biden’s promises

Twenty years have passed since the United States opened the controversial Guantanamo prison in Cuba. It has 39 inmates imprisoned today and its closure is not yet in sight, despite President Joe Biden’s promises.

It was created in response to the September 11 attacks, to keep suspects out of legal channels. Some 780 men passed through Guantánamo amid allegations of torture.

“It’s incredible when you think that no member of the CIA has been held accountable for opening secret CIA prisons, illegally transferring 119 men, and we think we suspect a lot more, torturing at least 39. (.. __Here are the five men held in Guantánamo accused of the 9/11 attacks, none of whom have been brought to trial yet, because Guantánamo runs a system of so-called military commissions that do not function as a real court, they are not allowing what is worth addressing”Letta Taylor, deputy director of the Crisis and Conflict Division at Human Rights Watch explains.

The NGO Human Rights Watch has decried the human, moral and economic costs of Guantánamo Bay. The United States spends $540 million a year just holding detainees.

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