The United Kingdom decided on 17 February whether to extradite Karim Macias to Mexico

Judge United kingdom Will decide next February 17 on the operation extradition a Mexico From Karim MaciasAnd the ex wife From Former Governor of VeracruzAnd Javier Duarte.

Karim Macias He is the only person accused Forgery Specific reason for payments DIFF In 2011 for 6 companies.

in a United kingdom Action decision extradition, which can be appealed by both parties.

In the same way, the application for political asylum is pursued, given the fact that it is clear that the background behind his accusation was political and very far from what the rule of law is and what it should be.

Marco del Toro, lawyer Karim Macias He commented: “The Public Prosecutor’s Office Veracruz He went so far as to lie to the English authorities. Perversion of the law to accusation for purposes other than the law is an evil that must be eradicated if we aspire to the true rule of law. In this case, there is plenty, yes, but in bad faith on the part of the “law enforcement” of the Veracruz authorities.

The final hearing in the case will be held at Westminster Magistrates Court, London.

Yesterday, Monday, lawyers for d Karim Macias and government representatives Mexico.

Macías’ defense questioned the evidence presented by the Mexican authorities seeking to obtain extradition From the ex wife by Duarte. He emphasized that his client was not responsible for formulating the alleged fraud within DIFF.

Macías also denied before the judge on previous occasions that he carried out a Forgery About 112 million pesos in the said public institution.

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Karim Macias Detained since 2019 in United kingdomShe was released on bail of £150,000, but she cannot leave that country until her arrest is resolved. extradition.

(Luis Ramos)

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