You risk a cyber attack that cripples the country

he British Parliament He warned on Wednesday that the country was in serious danger of suffering Internet attackdisastrous“To be completely paralyzed by groups of”Hackers“because of”Bad planning“And prevention of Government.

The committee noted that the attack could cause serious problems at the national level and seriously affect “Critical infrastructure“From the UK, like Water, energy or transportation supply.

The report prepared by Parliament stated:There is a high risk that the government could face a catastrophic ransomware attack at any time. (…) A coordinated and targeted attack could cripple much of the UK’s national infrastructure and public services“.

At the same time, the document highlights that the UK is one of the most developed countries affected These types of attacks come from all over the world and most of them are carried out “Russian-speaking hackers“.

Margaret BeckettThe head of the authority noted that the country “Exposed to“For these attacks now.”Political interference“From abroad they seek to destabilize the United Kingdom, according to the British newspaper.”guardian‘.

A government spokesman defended himself against criticism and stated that the country was well prepared for this to reply For these cyber attacks, various executive authorities have adopted them Sizes About it to protect yourself.

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