Is Mick Jagger one of the most dangerous celebrities in the UK? -Rock pop music

What you have just read will undoubtedly seem strange to you. It will seem even more strange to you that “Rolling stones” And Mick Jagger They are named as some The most dangerous celebrities to look out for online.

Why is this happening? According to signature McAfee Cybersecuritythe name of a famous singer can make you Attracts computer or cell phone virus also Malware. This is the risk you run when surfing the Internet.

Raj Samanian Internet security consultant who is part of McAfee“We know that cyber criminals,” he said Capitalize on consumers’ fascination with celebrity cultureTo lead unsuspecting fans to Malicious websites That installs malware on your devices.

“So it’s not surprising to see One of our beloved national treasures The United Kingdom is at the top of the list, With hackers exploiting its popularity“, he pointed to Mick Jagger. Then he added: “Consumers on the web are looking for free online entertainment now more than ever“.

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In turn, Raj Samani confirmed that users, fans like Mick Jagger’s fans, They should be careful with websites. Especially with Pages that offer free contentBecause they can be false and carry more than one virus.

McAfee He did his research looking for it Celebrities whose names appeared most often Along with search terms such astorrent“,”mp3 for free“,”Nudes‘ also ‘“pirate download”.

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