Sunak defends UK actions against Houthis and asserts attacks were 'necessary'

Prime Minister United kingdom, Rishi Sunakaddressed today board of the Public To report on the military actions of his government, besides United Stateagainst the Houthi rebels in Yemen Since last Thursday.

Sunak defended the bombings against rebel positions as “limited”, “necessary” and “proportionate”, and stated that 13 militia targets had been destroyed. In the military operation that took place on Thursday. Drone launch centers And Ballistic missiles The British Prime Minister explained that the Houthis have no evidence that the intervention caused civilian casualties.

A few words he spoke as the Houthis once again attacked a US-owned ship sailing in Yemeni waters Gulf of AdenOff the coast Yemen. Thus, the British President affirmed that his government “will not hesitate to protect our security.”

Thursday's action was intended, in Sunak's words, to send a “strong message” to the Yemeni rebel group that attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea were “unacceptable.”

This is the first time Sunak has committed a crime United kingdom In military action since he assumed the position of Prime Minister in October 2022. Speaking to reporters, Snack Iran defended the measure, saying it was a “last resort” after “intense diplomatic activity.”

For security reasons, it was not possible to inform Parliament of this military operation against the Houthis in advance, but the Houthi leader was informed. labor Party, Keir StarmerIn Opposition and Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Howell.

Snack He pointed out that since last November 16, the Houthis have launched 25 “illegal” and “unacceptable” attacks in the Red Sea, one of the most important commercial maritime routes in the world.

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“We have tried to resolve this through diplomacy. The Prime Minister explained, “After numerous international calls to stop the attacks, the coalition of countries issued a clear and unequivocal warning to the Houthis two weeks ago.”

specific, Snack He indicated a decision UN Security Council “Which condemns the attacks and highlights the right of states to defend their ships and maintain freedom of navigation.” He added: “But the Houthis continued their reckless path.”

Many shipping companies have chosen in recent weeks not to pass through the Red Sea – a vital crossing for trade between Asia and Europe – due to Houthi attacks.

Many shipping companies decided to arrive Europe Crossing the southern tip of the African continent, at an enormous additional cost, and ten or twelve additional days of navigation.

The Houthis threatened to respond to American-British interests due to Thursday's bombings.

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