‘You have no idea’: Anchor corrects Nigel Farage after commenting on Irish history

Irish broadcaster Nigel Farage has been stopped by his confrontation over his knowledge of the country’s history after he claimed the country was “governed” by the European Union.

The former Ukip and Brexit Party leader took his anti-EU provocation onto Irish radio waves on Monday, asking why the nation was still part of the bloc during his appearance at Claire Burn Live DRTE One.

Speaking with Byrne about the effects of Brexit on Britain and Northern Ireland, Farage asked why the Irish had fought the British for “500 years often so bloody and so hard”.

“What’s the point if you are now governed by European commissioners?” he added.

Byrne said he thought his comments would “amuse” viewers and decided to put the former politician’s knowledge of Ireland to the test.

“I want people to see how much you know about the history and culture of this island,” said the presenter.

The show then moved to a video where Farage is tricked into reading a republican letter.

“I know it’s early so I only have coffee, but I hope you guys enjoy a few pints with the guys tonight. Even RA,” he mentioned on the Cameo clip, a website where people can pay celebrities. Through recorded messages.

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Byrne later said: “I know you said sorry and you get £87 and you have every right to do so.”

“Come on, don’t try to lecture the Irish people about the culture, history, and perilous nature of peace on this island, you have no idea.”

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Mr Farage responded by insisting that Ireland needed to have a debate on independence in the next few years.

He declared: “Do you want it to be an independent nation, a democracy or governed by foreign bureaucrats? That is the question Ireland will ask itself.”

“The Irish people want to be independent or not, and this is a debate that will take place in their country for years to come.”

Byrne was praised for taking Farage after the interview.

“Good at ClaireByrneLive for showing Farage for what he is – a spokesperson for the attack,” the anti-Brexit campaign group Best of Britain wrote on Twitter.

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