Women’s health and well-being is a priority for my government: Paula Angon

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10/19/2021, 7:36 PM

San Pedro Cholula, Boy. The health and well-being of women, especially mothers, are fundamental to family tranquility.Elias, said Mayor Paula Angon Silva, during the celebration of World Breast Cancer Day, an event in which he announced that his government would hold permanent health and information days on this important topic.

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In this sense, Ensured Cholultecas’ full support to the City Council and the DIF Municipal SystemTo receive the necessary support and guidance to prevent the severe consequences of this disease.

Accompanied by Maria Fernanda de la Parreda, Mayor of DIF, Angon Silva inaugurated the cycle of conferences marking World Breast Cancer Day, where Urging women to get into the habit of early self-exploration, as well as awareness to visit a doctor at least once a year, to request a screening study, as measures to prevent this condition from affecting more women.

Angon Silva, instructed the consultants and advisors that, in coordination with the municipal DIF system, health days and conference sessions were carried out continuously, so that More women are getting accurate information to help them take care of their health.

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On this occasion, Priscilla Madrid Hernandez, Health Adviser, noted that the government that is committed and close to society shows sensitivity towards issues of high impact such as breast cancer, where it is necessary to raise awareness to prevent the progression of this disease.

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During the first day of this series of conferences, Dr. Rafael Tecpanicatl Romero and Priscilla Madrid Hernandez, Health Consultant, participated as speakers.

On Wednesday, October 20, the speakers will be: Psychologist Evelyn Marques-Sahab. Dietitian Virginia Moreno Juarez and Dr. Carlos Alberto Serrano Flores.

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