The United States increasingly rejects the kidnapping of a Venezuelan diplomat

CARACAS, October 20 The authorities from various countries and international organizations today express their refusal to extradite the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab to the United States, after he spent 491 days illegally detained in Cape Verde.

The day before, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced Washington’s “arbitrary detention and politically motivated judicial process” against the Venezuelan government’s special envoy.

Through his account on the social networking site Twitter, Al Jazeera’s foreign minister described the matter as “a manipulation of justice and international law by a government that protects terrorists and attacks and steals money from the Venezuelan people.”

During a meeting this Tuesday with ALBA-TCP Executive Secretary Sacha Llorente, Vice President of Nicaragua Rosario Murillo reiterated the solidarity of the Central American nation with the authorities and people of Venezuela, in the face of an event that violated all. rules of international law.

In this sense, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America – Our Peoples Trade Treaty described a difficult transfer to the United States as a kidnapping to face accusations of alleged economic crimes.

In this regard, the countries of the integration bloc alerted the international community to a bad precedent for this action, which violates the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The coalition called for respect for the life and physical integrity of Alex Saab, who stated that he is the permanent representative of the Venezuelan government at the dialogue table with the Unified Program of the Opposition in Mexico.

ALBA-TCP endorsed its support for the executive branch and the people of the South American country in all actions aimed at ensuring and protecting the human rights of its citizens.

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The Sao Paulo Forum had previously called on the US judicial authorities to immediately release Alex Saab and return him to his homeland, expressing his rejection of the arbitrary transfer of the Venezuelan official to US soil.

The Executive Secretary of the Latin American Left Agreement Mechanism, Monica Valente, said in a statement that Washington once again shows its lack of respect for international law, by ignoring the immunity of the diplomatic representative, which opens a dangerous international precedent.

Venezuela adopted Alex Saab in 2018 as a special envoy, whose tasks were to facilitate access to medical supplies, food, and other essential goods, in the face of obstacles imposed by the US blockade.

In the middle of 2020, the official was arrested in Cape Verde at the request of Washington, during a technical layover of the plane carrying him, ignoring the inviolability of the immunity corresponding to his assumption of the position of diplomatic agent.

According to complaints from the Bolivarian executive authority, the arrest came in response to the siege campaign organized by the previous US administration against Venezuela, in order to inflict more suffering on the people and destabilize their institutions and their internal system.

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