Yoshimar Yotun prevented Piero Quispe from responding to Pedro Garcia live after Peru’s defeat to Bolivia

Yoshimar Yotun prevents Piero Quispe from announcing the end of the Peru-Bolivia match Movistar Sports

Peru was unable to beat Bolivia and lost 2-0 in La Paz By the 5th of South American qualifiers 2026. Immediately after the final whistle blew, the team players fired “white-red” They remained in the field mourning. journalist Pedro Garcia Seize the moment and get closer Piero Quispi To get statements from him, but an unusual moment occurred that surprised the Movistar Deportes correspondent.

It happens when Garcia He was about to get some words from the attacker. Peru team“, the player appeared Sporting Crystal He pulled it to the other side, leaving the direct communication device on the air. However, he managed to get out of this awkward moment by giving interviews Renato Tapiawho was the one who spoke last.

although “two-tone” lost with ‘green’ Visit, popular performance “Perito” That was the only good thing the team had Juan Reynoso. The coach decided to include him in the starting lineup, to play his first match for the national team in official tournaments.

His debut was the most talked about because he made amazing plays that won the praise of all the fans on social media. There was one in particular that took all the cake, and that was when Skilled football player ‘I danced’ To Carmelo Algarañez. The Bolivian wanted to get the ball away from him, and since he was unable to do so, he was forced to commit a heavy foul on the midfielder at the start of the second half.

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Leave it to Quispe On the sore and judgmental grass Guillermo Guerrero He had to interrupt the proceedings on the field. However Garaniase I did not receive any card, it was just shipped fPlay air. That play was heavily criticized because it was a strong foul against the Peruvian player.

The exact moment when Yoshimar Yoton takes Piero Quispe to another place. (Credit: Chelonita)

First match for Piero Quispi With the Peruvian national team he did not go unnoticed Sports University. The club ‘generous’ He presented a leaflet to his player after the match ended. Peru vs. Bolivia Which was held last Thursday, November 16, at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz.

“𝗗𝗘𝗕Ⓤ𝗧 𝗢𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 Piero Quispe made his debut today in the qualifiers with the Peruvian national team in La Paz. #ConLaUHastaElFinal #GrandeHayUnoSolo,” was the post that “U” shared on his social networks.

This message received many reactions from fans “You are the meringue”Who confirmed that the steering wheel is the only good thing “Blackairuga.” “CMidget rack”, “It was clear, it’s a shame his teammates didn’t accompany him”, “The only one who wanted to play”, “His shirt didn’t weigh him down”, “The best” were some of the good comments the national player received.

The Sports University celebrated Piero Quispe’s debut with the Peru national team in the 2026 qualifiers.

the Peru team You will have to recover quickly as you have to prepare for the confrontation Venezuela This will be on Tuesday, November 21, at 9 pm at the National Stadium in Lima. This meeting is vital for the team Juan Reynoso He can reverse the bad moment he is going through and he can continue to dream of qualifying in it World Cup Canada, USA and Mexico 2026.

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