Latina Earns More Than 3 Million Pesos in Hospital Without Studying Medicine: Viral Case

28 year old womanRecognition Chablis Rodriguez, who is originally from Latin America, went viral on social media after she announced this RHe works for a year in the hospital and earns more than three million Piso, without studying medicine.

the date He was It was revealed through Series MIt’s millennium money, to CNBCa program that tells the stories of people who earn, spend and save their money.

What is the function Chablis?

There is a case Chablis Rodriguez did not go unnoticed, as the woman expressed this in a hospital in the United States Implement As a certified anesthesia assistantWhich means it helps doctors keep patients sedated when they undergo surgery or other procedures.

The young woman expressed this Work makes her happy and she always dreamed of working in science. But for personal reasons he was unable to study medicine.

The young woman told CNBC: “When I was young, I loved science, and it was my favorite subject, especially chemistry (…) I loved the critical thinking behind it, and I wanted to pursue a career in medicine.”

he said that in it In my second year as an anesthesiologist, I was already earning over $200,000 annually between his base salary of $198,000 and the overtime he usually worked.

He added that By 2022, it was created More than $210,000, that is 3 million, 618 thousand and 888 Mexican pesos. YesOur goal is to exceed this amount by 2023.

What’s a workday like? Chablis?

The 28-year-old said that the day she was in the hospital Come to attend Between one and fourteen patientsThis depends on the duration and time of each procedure. He realizes that the pace is fast and he likes it.

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Regarding what is What do you do with the money you earn in the hospital?Rodriguez details She saves about 50 percent of her salary, because she does not rule out that she may become unemployed at some point.

The young woman explained that it is among the biggest expenses she bears Most of their money goes to food. And travel using credit cards to earn rewards.

In addition, pay rent where you live Another part of their money is used on trips because knowing places is their greatest pleasure.

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