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Some people can’t tolerate pre-installed apps Windows 11. Finally, the users of the operating system were heard, and Microsoft An update will be released soon that allows these pre-installed apps to be uninstalled.

Microsoft It will be allowed, once the update is available, to users Windows 11 It can remove apps like Camera, Cortana, Photos app, People app, and Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC). I imagine you knew these services existed but were never interested in trying them. You will soon be able to remove them from the system so that they stop taking up space.

Developers From the inside They checked that pre build 23585 for Windows 11 It will make removing apps easier: just click Start, right-click and select Uninstall. No more, no less. All in seconds and without having to explore the operating system files.

The full list of pre-installed apps that can be deleted remains unknown. Could it be that everything can be erased? You don’t have to eat cravings and just wait.

How to update Windows 11

The process is simple. The path to check for updates is Select Start > Settings > Windows Update Then select Check for updates. If it is, click the button to continue the download.

The other solution is to click To go to the Microsoft support page. There you will find the button “Check for updates”. Click on it and a tab will open that you must click on “Open Settings”. Windows Update will open automatically and you’ll see a review of pending updates and a button that allows you to download now or schedule an update.

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How to install Windows 11 from Windows 10

Before you get started, it’s important to check that your device meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, which include at least a 1GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. You should also make sure that your device is updated with the latest version of Windows 10.

The first step is to download Windows 11 Update Assistant from . Once downloaded, run the file and follow the on-screen instructions to start the update.

The update wizard will check if your device meets the requirements for Windows 11 and will perform a compatibility check to ensure that all apps and devices installed on your device are compatible with the new operating system.

If any compatibility issues are found, the wizard will provide recommendations and suggestions for resolving them before continuing with the update.

After running the compatibility check, Windows 11 will start downloading. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the capacity of your device, This process may take several minutes or even hours..

Once the download is complete, the Upgrade Assistant will begin installing Windows 11 on your device. During the installation process, you will be asked to select configuration options and settings, such as language and time zone.

Once the installation is complete, reboot your device and enjoy your new Windows 11 experience.

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