Xiaomi introduces a ‘revolutionary technology’ for totally free cable-free remote charging (VIDEO)

It is the Mi Air Charge system, which allows the phone to be charged with 5W power within a radius of “several meters” and supports up to five devices at the same time.

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air Charge wireless charging technology on Friday, which allows the operation to be carried out remotely, “without cables or supports.” Today we are entering a veritable era of wireless charging, Confirms The Chinese company on its blog.

It is an isolated charging battery developed by Xiaomi itself, and equipped with five-stage interference antennas that allow it to “accurately detect” the location of the phone. 144 antennas include “sending millimeter waves directly to the device through beamforming,” the manufacturer explains.

To make this technology work, the equipment to be loaded must have a receiver system. Xiaomi has developed a “set of miniature antennas” responsible for converting the signal emitted from the battery into electrical energy and a “beacon antenna” that transmits the location of the “smartphone”, consuming little energy.

Currently, Mi Air Charge allows 5W charging of the phone within a radius of “several meters”. Supports up to five devices at the same time without physical hiccups, which reduces charging efficiency.

The electronics giant estimates that this “revolutionary technology,” “completely cable-free,” could work in the future with smart watches, bracelets, and other portable devices. In addition, Xiaomi believes that devices such as speakers, desk lamps and other household electrical accessories will be equipped with remote power supply to “turn the whole house wirelessly”. “This is a revolutionary innovation. It is not science fiction, it is technology,” he concludes.

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