Haitian opposition announces a new protest schedule

Port-au-Prince, January 30 (Prinsa Latina) The Haitian opposition today launched a program of mobilization and general strike as part of its strategy to force the incumbent president to leave on February 7.

Tomorrow they called a mass demonstration in the capital from the upscale Pétion Ville neighborhood to the Champs -les de Mars, the country’s main public square, located near the presidential palace.

On Monday and Tuesday, at least four trade unions called a general strike to protest the growing climate of insecurity and to demand President Juvenil Moss respect the constitution.

From Wednesday to Friday, the opposition has proposed three more days of strike, while on Saturday it will close major arteries, and on Sunday the opposition is scheduled to mobilize yet another large-scale mobilization.

Hostile parties and civil society organizations are demanding the president respect the constitutional mandate, which they estimate expires on February 7, although the head of state has already rejected this interpretation of the constitution.

In the past week, several protest movements erupted in the capital and in the provincial cities, but they were suppressed by the police.

President Juvenil Moise has already stated that both the Ministry of Justice and the Police have official instructions to guarantee life and property. And he insisted during an intervention on social networks last Monday: “You must respect the rule of law as it happens in all parts of the world.”

For its part, the opposition is recruiting a transitional government that should replace the current administration, and announced that it will combat insecurity and corruption through the trials of those involved in the embezzlement of public treasury funds.

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