They are calling for new courses for intermediate health technicians

The University of Medical Sciences at Villa Clara invites admission to the training of intermediate health technicians, in the specialties of dentistry and patient care.

All 12th grade graduates from previous courses who meet the requirement of reaching the age of 35 can choose this method, including health workers who wish to quit their jobs and stop receiving their salaries to become students in the regular day course method.

(Photo: Vanguardia Archive)

Other requirements for admission are to be physically and mentally fit, and to have a social behavior appropriate to the principles of socialist morality, especially those required to be a health worker in the future. Patient assistants or other qualified persons, as well as those working in general in the sector, will have priority in the competition for the rest of the candidates. If they are granted the place, their full-time studies will be facilitated whenever they request withdrawal of the position they hold.

Those interested must submit the following documents: original address (for presentation) and transcript, certificate of completed studies degrees (original), four passport-type photos (1 x 1 cm), and, in the case of males, the official pass document for active military service. If FAR is not eligible, it will issue a decision upholding it.

Applications will be received until February 12, 2021 at the Admissions and Professional Training Department of the University of Medical Sciences in Villa Clara. For more information, you can go to the Admission Department of the University of Medical Sciences or call 42294234.

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