Xbox will introduce custom Bethesda consoles, and we’ll let you know how to get involved

As you well know, the news is that Bethesda All development teams join Microsoft It’s actually something we’ve been listening to constantly since last year, however, recently it’s been done Acquisition Officer Microsoft is celebrating this event.

Xbox wants to celebrate with its community that Bethesda is really an official part of the family and for that, a special package that includes Seven different controls customized from many of Bethesda’s largest franchises And you, you can participate to be the lucky winner.

How to participate with Xbox and Bethesda consoles?

All you have to do is do it Retweet for publication Which I leave you right above, use the hashtag #BethesdaSweepstakes And that’s it, you will already participate in the long-awaited award; Some interesting details We must know before anything else, to be able to participate, you must be over the age of 18, not work with Microsoft in any way, and to be a winner, you must live in a country that currently has Xbox Live support.

The winner will be notified of the gift mentioned in their account on April 19 what about? It’s definitely a very cool package that you can’t miss as a fan of Xbox, Bethesda, and as a collector’s piece. We recommend you to watch Generation Xbox for more news.

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