Xbox Game Pass is an amazing surprise for tomorrow

This June will undoubtedly be one of the best months of the year for video game fans. This is largely due to E3 2021, the most anticipated event of the year that will bring us many interesting conferences led by Xbox and Bethesda. The large number of games ahead of us will not be half normal, but as this awaited moment approaches, it seems so يبدو Xbox Game Pass Prepare an incredible surprise for tomorrow.

At the moment, Microsoft has already announced the release of New Xbox Game Pass games for the first half of JuneBut after a long time, this list seemed completely empty, indicating that the Redmond team is keeping their entire arsenal for the second half of this month, thus taking advantage of E3 2021 to announce new games that will arrive on this successful service available on Xbox, PC and Android phones . But now, to everyone’s surprise, an account Xbox game bass francia Via Twitter, he announced that all day tomorrow they will reveal an incredible surprise.

This big announcement could be due to something about something that only interests the French public, i.e. locally. But it can also be a universal declaration to all users of this service. We don’t know what it’s about, even the account itself has commented that no matter how hard you try to guess, the odds are not going to know what it’s about. Will we have a preview of what’s coming at Xbox E3 2021? From SomosXbox we will keep you informed.

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