World Noise Awareness Day: Hush!

The World Health Organization (The World Health Organization) estimates that 1.1 billion young people around the world may be at risk of hearing loss from harmful listening practices.

At home, on the street … anywhere you can see them listening to music with headphones. The volume is so high that it prevents a horn, a warning or distress call, a simple knock on the door, or a phone ringing.

It happens that with the advancement of technology, music players have become popular along with listening to music at volumes that are frankly harmful to health, especially when they are for long periods and usually.

Those who enjoy this may not know that this habit poses a serious risk of irreversible hearing loss.

Photo: Jose Manuel Correa / Granma

It has to be repeated often, but since today, like every last Wednesday in April, the World Noise Awareness DayThe reminder is very important and also doubles the WHO forecast: by 2050, one in four people will have a hearing problem.

The International Day celebrated today aims specifically to warn of the dangers of noise, an environmental pollutant that many do not ignore.

Of teens and young adults between the ages of 12 and 35, and residing in high- and middle-income countries, approximately 50% are exposed to harmful noise levels as a result of the use of personal audio devices such as MP3 players and smartphones; While 40% were also exposed to harmful noise in discos, clubs and other nightclubs.

The average sound pressure levels in these entertainment centers are estimated between 100 and 112 dB. This happens when a large number of professionals suggest a noise exposure limit of 65 dB during the day and 55 dB at night to protect us from long-term damage. Hearing ability begins with a weakening of 75 dB and if it exceeds 85 dB it can cause progressive sensorineural deafness.

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Noise, although there is not much “noise” with this fact, is one of the main sources of environmental pollution and a health problem worldwide.

But beware, it’s not just the harm of loud music. Ask if it’s not those in the city center waking up to the neighbor’s rooster at dawn, the silly pet barking or by the mixer that promises who knows what juice is in the early hours of the morning.

This, not to mention those who force others to listen to their music, as in blocks or buildings as in transportation or public places, which, in these times of pandemic, when there is a lot of sadness, anxiety and mourning as well, is very shocking. .

For being today World Noise Awareness DayLet’s try to get started. Starting this Wednesday, let’s try to respect others more and protect our health from noise pollution with a little bit of silence: Shhh!

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