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Lucas Ejebar Keep chasing the dream: to be one of the chosen people Spain In the Winter Olympics. the racer The Patriot yearns for that long-awaited medal that will make him go down in history in capital letters and occupy a position in the ranking where there are only four athletes.

“Paquito” Fernandez Ochoa s Blanca Fernandez Ochoa, who has won medals in alpine skiing events, and Regino Hernandez s Javier Fernandez, which took two minerals in it PyeongChang 2018 In snowboarding and snowboarding. These are the only four minerals possessed by the national delegation in the entire history of the Winter Olympic Trials.

Now, Beijing is presented in 2022 as a new option to continue expanding this small but valuable registry, and Lucas Ijebar is one of the best assets Spain will have. For now, he’s poised on the right track with less than two months to go until the start of the most anticipated Olympic event in recent decades.

iJibar, in the form of

Everything indicates that Lucas will arrive at Beijing 2022 in an enviable condition. This was shown at least in his last competition, which is world Cup From the controversial skateboard cross at the Italian station in Cervinia.

The podium for the 2021 Snowboard World Cup in Cervinia

Fis on the ice

The 27-year-old from Donostia put in a superb performance with a bronze medal, his first podium of the season, which undoubtedly makes him gain morale and confidence in the challenges ahead. With less than 50 days to start the Winter Olympics in ChinaThis success is an injection of the Spaniard’s self-esteem, which is one of the great national hopes to expand the shortened national medal table.

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Despite hanging himself on this precious metal, Lucas left a sweet and bitter aftertaste that he believed could have commanded an even bigger prize, and even a win. However, this is a good sentiment to fight in Beijing for a more significant victory.

Ejebar’s good feelings started from the first round in the round of 16 in which he signed for the brilliant first place. Was there when he was born Saint Sebastian He really realized that he might be fighting for a big challenge in Cervinia. In the quarter-finals, sentiment continued to improve, as Lucas re-signed for first place.

However, despite that moment, Lucas’ opponents once again showed a tremendous level and the fight for the top positions intensified dramatically. after accidents Austrian Alessandro Hammerle It is Japanese Yoshiki Takahara, Ijebar signed the trustworthy second place, surpassed by Imperial Cameron Bolton Which was intractable in the series.

In the final, luck didn’t quite smile at Lucas, who moved away from first place almost from the start. At the first intermediate point he was second, but he couldn’t keep up with the pace and ended up losing to the Austrian. Jacob Dusik It is Canadian Grundin. However, the sensations throughout the competition were unbeatable for him, showing that he could be among the best in the world with great regularity. Medal gives a lot of wings.

Lucas Ijebar celebrates his success in Cervinia

Lucas Ijebar celebrates his success in Cervinia

Fissnowboard / Spain

The most complicated method

Besides the success achieved in Italy, this medal serves Athlete MovistarSBXTeam To show that preparations at this final stage of the year are on the right track. It helps confirm that the feelings are positive and makes him grow in his spirits and also in that fear and that respect that he can instill in his opponents. They will be obligated to take it into account after what has been proven.

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After the victory at Cervinia, which helped confirm what he and those around him already suspected, a specialized training program awaits him to get to Beijing in the best possible way and rush those little details that may still be at large. This prevented him in Italy from being on the podium.

member dalton club And Basque Union (NKEF-FVDI) He will arrive in Beijing, if all goes according to plan, as one of the names to consider after being declared world champion and such a fantastic result at Cervinia. There is reason to be confident after 2021 which was a bit difficult, especially during the summer when you had some physical issues that left you with little time to score big performance improvements.

After his performance, and despite this little frustration with the idea that a victory was possible, Lucas was delighted that he had given his best and that he was back to fight with the best. In just under two months, you will have the opportunity to return to secret Garden, the track on which he started his season in November with a secret score. There Lucas himself and the entire national delegation will fight for the long-awaited medal.

Already in December, in the test MontafonLucas could not reach the final, so the growth of the Italian event was remarkable, allowing him to meet again at times with his best version and take back this favorite poster for any success. Lucas’ next stops on his way to Beijing may be the first RussiaAnd Krasnoyarsk At the beginning of January, then in Italy, first in ValmalenkoOn the twenty-first, twenty-second and thereafter Cortina d’Ampezzoclose the month.

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Lucas Ijebar celebrates winning the World Snowboard Championships

Lucas Ijebar celebrates winning the World Snowboard Championships


special talent

Lucas, 27, will arrive in Beijing as one of the best on the planet to specialize in cross-country snowboarding. He is the current world champion, a title he won Idri Fagal, in a Sweden, a venue that has hosted events across the country after the pandemic forced the competition to split it into three venues. theas Slalom skating competitions were held in RuglaAnd Sloveniaand the rest in aspen, in a United State.

the racer He defeated the Austrian Spaniard Alessandro Hammerl and Canadian Elliot Grundin in the test of his elevation to the world ice massacres. In this way, it has surpassed all of its great successes so far, such as its silver medal in 2017 in the Sierra Nevada In individual and group events.

San Sebastian’s best position at the Olympics was the seventh achieved in 2014, in Sochi, since the next version, that PyeongChangHe was not so fortunate though that he had the honor of being the national flag-bearer. Now, after the ups and downs during this year 2021, Lucas is hoping to make it all the way to Beijing to dream of another medal, the fifth in history for Spain.

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