“Working for MI6 is more exciting than a James Bond movie,” says a British intelligence executive.

“Working for MI6 is more exciting than… A James Bond movieAn executive in the British intelligence service said in a statement to the BBC: “Not everyone who works in the British spy service are white, middle-class men who love women and drive Aston Martins.”

“I've seen some of the most interesting things. Things that will amaze you.”said the agent, identified only as Kwame, MI6's head of development. He added: “You have to be there to see it. Some of the things I saw are much more than what you see in spy movies.”

He explained that the common belief is that spies working for the UK's Foreign Secret Service are white, male and middle class, like the fictional 007.

“This is not true. We want to reach out to all brothers and sisters and tell them: MI6 is the place for yousaid the anonymous agent when referring to the agency's campaign to recruit more agents of African-Caribbean or Asian descent.

When referring to the letter “Q” in James Bond films, Responsible for the devices carried by the famous spy with a license to killThe director explained that in real life, MI6's head of technology is a woman, as well as her deputy.

“We have a diverse group of questions who are doing really interesting things in technology and are women.”said Kwame, the first black agent to be interviewed.

Aside from MI6 director Sir Richard Moore, whose name is public, agents operate on condition of anonymity. He explained that working at the agency is well paid.But the reason he's in it is so he can help, because the service's mission is to “protect the United Kingdom.”

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