Changes in booking appointments to enter the United States through the Mexican border

As of Monday, March 4, 2024, new modifications have come into effect in booking appointments through the CBP One app, a route implemented to appear before immigration authorities at the Mexico-United States border.

according to advertisement The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has modified the time period available for scheduling appointments. Each day, non-citizens residing in the central and northern states of Mexico can request CBP One appointments between 12 PM and 11:59 PM ET*.

The platform now allows users to register all their family members or co-travellers who share a common destination address in the United States.

Users selected for an appointment will receive a notification, around 12 noon, through the app and email they provided. Selected individuals will have up to 23 hours to confirm their appointment, which includes completing a geolocation check to ensure they are within the designated area and completing the photo and life detection process. People who were not selected in the first round can request a new appointment on the platform.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities have warned that, to prevent potential fraud, they are continually monitoring and evaluating the app to ensure its functionality and protect against malpractice. Therefore, registrations and accounts identified as fraudulent will be deleted.

In May 2023 CBP advertisement Changes to the CBP One app to make it easier to request appointments at ports of entry at the Mexico-US border and begin the political asylum process. On that occasion, the number of available appointments was increased, the time required to complete applications was extended, and priority was given to those who had waited longer. The 2023 Updates responded to the revitalization of Title 8 of the United States immigration law.

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CBP One offers appointments at eight ports of entry on the southwest border, and applicants must be physically located in central or northern Mexico. The app was launched in October 2020 to request inspection appointments and process applications Form I-94 (Logging in and out to US territory). It is also currently being used to schedule asylum applications at the border. Asylum allows you to apply for international protection if you show a real fear of persecution in your country of origin.

*he Standard timeThe time difference between Cuba (Cuba Standard Time, CST) and United States Eastern Time (ET) is -1 hour. This means that Cuba is one hour ahead of US Eastern Time. During the Summer programmeThe time difference between Cuba and US Eastern Time has been reduced to zero, as they are in the same time zone (UTC-4).

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